Colle Don Bosco

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The Don Bosco Basilica


The construction of the Basilica began in 1961 and ended in 1984 (the upper Church of the Basilica was renovated for the Holy Year 2000); the perimeter of the Church includes the place where Don Bosco was born.


Biglione Farm


Cascina Biglione was Don Bosco’s birthplace.
Where today you find the Temple, once there was the farmstead belonging to the Biglione, a rich family from Turin.
Francesco Bosco, a young farmer full of energy, became the bailiff of the farm.

The Little Home called Casetta



This is the place where Don Bosco spent all his childhood; it is near to the pylon of the Dream and to the monument “Giovannino the juggler”.


Lawn and pylon of the Dream


The west lawn is the one he saw at nine years old, in the prophetic dream of his future mission. The pylon reminds the vision of his entire life spent for the young people.


Monument to Mamma Margherita


On the lawn of the “dream of nine years”, lies the watchful eye of Mamma Margherita, a bronze work by Enrico Manfrini (1992), composed of five bronze figures illustrating episodes of her life in Becchi.

Monument to Giovannino the juggler


The monument reminds the beginning of Giovanni as young animator through the art of juggling and entertainment.


Sanctuary of Mary Help of Christians


It was built in honour of Mary Help of Christians during the first centenary of the birth of Don Bosco. It was started in 1915 and inaugurated in 1918.


The house of Brother Giuseppe


Giuseppe, Don Bosco’s brother, lived here. Now you can find the Rosary Chapel and it is also location of the Museum of the rural civilization of Piedmont.


Museum of the rural civilization of the 19th century


Built beside the house of Brother Giuseppe, the Museum of Rural Civilization illustrates 19th century farm family’s life on the Monferrines and piedmontese hills.

The Cross on the hill of the young beatitudes


The definition of “Cross of Youth Beatitudes” comes directly from a speech given by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Colle Don Bosco on September 3, 1988. The Pope referred in general to all the hills that characterized the childhood of San Giovanni Bosco. The cross reminds of the last missionary dream that Don Bosco had between 9 and 10 April 1886 while he was in Barcelona.

The Young Biblical Path


Starting from Giovanni Bosco’s house and proceeding along the road that leads to the house of Domenico Savio you will find a path enriched by 14 pilons that tell the lives of many young people present in the Bible.

Via Lucis


The Don Bosco Basilica is the first place in the world that shows to the pilgrims a Via Lucis made of sculptures, an original itinerary made of Easter devotion that reminds and celebrates the events of Christ’s life from the resurrection of Jesus to the Pentecost.

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