“At the age of nine i had this great dream …”

Future has passed here.

— The Memories of the Oratory —

At Colle Don Bosco

This is the land of Giovannino Bosco. He was born here, he played, he worked and he listened to the voice of God. Here we breathe the joy and spiritual strength of Don Bosco.

These peaceful places are full of memories and messages for your present and for your future. Come and find out how.


Liturgy center and place of prayer that welcomes visitors and pilgrims. Provided with a large staircase and a large square.


Places to live with family or group, praying and staying in the “Land of the Saints”.


The testimony of the Salesian Missions in the world and the memory of the farmer culture of the 1800s.




Like Mamma Margherita, we are always ready to accommodate everyone’s needs.

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Memories and souvenirs of the Colle experience for yourself and loved ones.

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