Castelnuovo Don Bosco

Castelnuovo Don Bosco: In St. Andrea parish church, Don Bosco, St. Giuseppe Cafasso and Blessed Allamano received Baptism and Communion. Here, at fifteen years old, Giovannino Bosco attended the school and lived in a tailor’s house where he learned how to sew and to play the organ. It is interesting to visit the church of Madonna del Castello, Cafasso’s House and the Home-Museum of Allamano, founder of the Missionaries of Consolata.

Morialdo – district of Castelnuovo

Here at St. Pietro’s Church, Giovannino received the first Latin lessons from Father Calosso; Savio’s family stayed there for ten years.


The village of Mamma Margherita

Giovannino attended some elementary courses. A small museum keeps the memory of that period and of Mamma Margherita.


The town of Domenico Savio (who died here on March 9th, 1857). In his house you can find some family memories. From here, Domenico, with his father, went to meet Don Bosco: the path marked by Domenico is indicated by special signs for those who love to retrace the steps and meditate on the feelings of the Young Saint.

Buttigliera d’Asti

Giovanni Bosco received the confirmation and met Fr. Calosso for the ‘missions’. The Blessed Maddalena Morano moved here and joined the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. An interesting exhibition staged in the Church of St. Michele testimonies this extraordinary woman of God, who was a holy educator.

Moncucco and Cascina Moglia

Moncucco and Cascina Moglia (town of Moncucco): here Giovanni, between the age of 12 and 14, spent 20 months working for the Moglia family. On Sunday at the parish church of Moncucco he helped the pastor as catechist of the other boys.

Piovà Massaia

The birthplace of Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia (Abuna Messias), capuchin and great apostle among the Galla, an ethnic African group from Ethiopia. An interesting museum helps to know the figure of this formidable missionary and to understand his message.

Villanova d’Asti

There is a little sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna of the Graces, near the lawn where the Virgin appeared to a shepherdess called Maria Baj. You can find the miraculous source to which the mothers carried the children afflicted with the disease of the ruffa. Mamma Margherita also brought the little Giovanni.

San Giovanni of Riva near Chieri

Here on April 2nd, 1842 Domenico Savio was born. Now it is home for training meetings and spiritual retreats.